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Micheal, Hero of Orre
(Editor's Note: Okay finally getting to post this I've been meaning to make a bio for the protagonist of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for a while now but have been having trouble in making a story for him but now I'm finally doing it. Hopefully I can write out a decent story for this kid now turned adult for my side of the Amour Story.)

Despite Wes being known as the first hero of Orre, Micheal is the one who took up the title after Cipher's return a few years after they were thought to be disbanded after Wes' actions. Growing up on the Krane Labs alongside his mother, sister, Jovi and Professor Krane things started off well until the day of Krane's kidnapping via the group Cipher which had returned after a new leader took up the mantle after Wes defeated their first leader. After many hardships Micheal had defeated the newly reformed group and purified all the Shadow Pokemon Cipher's second coming had or so he thought until they returned years later this time with Wes at the helm of it all this time. Despite having dropped the Snag Machine and developing tech to help remove the Shadow Aura from Pokemon Cipher's 3rd Strike will bring he's still having help in other scientists specifically Jagger Inferno, most of the tech to remove the Cipher's S.P.G. Jagger has mainly came from Micheal and the Krane Labs' tech had provided him after telling them of his encounters with Cipher. However Micheal and those at the Krane Labs are currently working on more advanced tech in dealing with this new genetic threat to Pokemon Wes and Cihper are currently spreading to the world before it becomes irreversible. Despite most of the Shadow Pokemon he had purified were either let back into the wild, stayed to help out at Krane Labs or for some cases like Jaden's Mawile, Mea, given new homes to live in only 2 Pokemon stayed by Micheal's side being his partner Pokemon an Eevee by the name of Gene and the first Shadow Pokemon Micheal had purified being an Ursaring named Jupiter.

Species: Eevee
Gender: Female
Level: 55
Ability: Adaptability
Nature: Bold
Frequently Used Moves: Quick Attack, Last Resort, Bite and Shadow Ball
Phsyical Characteristics and Appearance: Despite prefering her feral form when in were-amour form she often wears a lab coat with a basic v-neck shirt and tight jeans as her usual outfit of choice depsite rarely being in said form.

Bio: Having been there since Micheal was young and started out as a regular Trainer before the 2nd Cipher Incident, Gene is esentially Micheal's closest friend and partner since the beginning and always will be despite having the option of evolving into any of her later Eeveelutions when first visiting Gateon Port she choose not to due to how she felt during Micheal's journey she felt he found better options to battle against Cipher depsite always keeping the Eevee at his side at all times instead of in a PC. However after the 2nd incident with Cipher Gene thought her life would return to being pleasant within the Orre Region with her Trainer Micheal though it slowly changed into a disaster when one day Cipher had returned only in a rather subtle way as one late night as Micheal was working on some things concerning Shadow Pokemon Research due to having grown older since the 2nd Cipher incident the Krane Labs were attacked only their target wasn't the technology held within the facility but rather the Pokemon living there despite most of them managing to avoid the attack by the attackers being Cipher's Shadow Pokemon Assassins Gene was unfortunately one of the first few subjects to the new gene Cipher had experimented having been shot with a dart containing the gene that infected her slowly turning her into one of the first few Were-Amour Pokemon it left her devestated at what had happened to her. Despite Micheal's support she still felt like she was an abomination due to how she was once a normal Feral formed Eevee. However since that attack despite still being a bold young Eevee she's still somewhat nervous of her physique in Were-Amour Form mainly due to how she prefers to be in her feral form more often. Granted she does turn into her were-amour form from time to time whenever her and her trainer are alone she immediately turns to her feral form once anyone other than Micheal enters the room unless it's Jupiter, the very first Shadow Pokemon Micheal had snaggered and purified from the 2nd Cipher Incident.

Species: Ursaring
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Ability: Guts
Nature: Brave
Frequently Used Moves: Slash, Hammer Arm, Shadow Claw, and Thunder Punch
Physical Characteristics and Appearance: Often wears no shirt but does were a pair of lower gi pants and belt as his main choice of outfit aside from that not much else when in were-amour form.

Bio: Being the first Shadow Pokemon Micheal had snagged, Jupiter has been with Micheal for the longest time out of the Shadow Pokemon that were captured after the S.S. Libra which was where all of the Pokemon who were converted into Shadow Pokemon were once on. After all of the Shadow Pokemon Captured were snagged back and purified by Micheal many either returned to the wild, found new homes with trainers, a few of which went to live with the Inferno Family within the Sinnoh Region or stayed with Micheal to help out at the Krane Labs as assisstant Pokemon Jupiter is one of the few who stayed at Micheal's side acting as the muscle of his group as he's kinda seen as the body guard of the Krane Labs due to how intimidating the Ursaring can be and his moveset also adds to that matter. Despite this though he unfortunately was one of the few Pokemon who were able to get easily beaten by the Shadow Pokemon Assassins Cipher sent on the night Gene was infected with Cipher's Amour Gene as he was also give the gene shot as well. He grew adjusted to it since all it really did to him was give him a more human body shaped physique despite still keeping his physical appearance and details of an Ursaring though due to his were-amour form he's probably one of the few Pokemon who stay shirtless in were-amour form.
Jagger's Pokemon Outside his Main Team
Now to show more of Jagger's Pokemon Team. Though now it's Jagger's turn and time to explain his bonds with Entei, Uxie and Cobalion plus his literal Internet Girl.

Species: Entei
Gender: Male
Leve: 100
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Bold
Frequently Used Moves: Sacred Fire, Fire Fang, Sunny Day, and Flame Charge.
Physical Characteristics and Appearance: Considered to be the wisest of the Roaming Dog Trio as those in Johto refer to them as Enzei often wears a regal cape alongside his outfit being a cloak that covers him from head to toe and since he often stays in Amour Form he only wears this as his main choice of clothing.

Bio: With the legend of his species often being spread that they are born once a Volcano is born, Enzei is the current member of his lineage and living up to the legends he's wise and powerful. He often races the lands traveling from place to place gaining knowledge as time goes on. He's also a member of the Gold Council under Ho-Oh though after being told he was being assigned to look over a human he obviously had cautious feelings towards who he was being partnered with even more so once he heard that the human was a scientist something Enzei and the others of his trio have a very negative opinion on due to the dangers human science can cause. Especially after the day of the Distortion World's Seal being loosened by humans even more so when Kronos decided to recruit a human Overseer. This left him with a lot of negative thoughts which he still bares to this day. Even more so considering his partnership with Jagger is rather on and off despite being a mentor of sorts to him.

Species: Uxie
Gender: Female
Level: 100
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Calm
Frequently Used Moves: Extrasensory, Psyshock, Calm Mind, and Light Screen
Physical Characteristics and Appearance: Like Mesira's Amour form Urina's form is similar minus her head which is still similar to how she looks in Feral Form as for her choice of clothing she often wears a Sage Robe of sorts.

Bio: Known as the Being of Knowledge, Urina's kinda are often known for giving limitless knowledge to those she chooses to bless however it is also stated that her species could wipe memories clean should anyone see her eyes open. Urina is the current incarnation of her species and being the wisest of Sinnoh's Lake Trio she's often one to know joke around compared to the more playful Mesira. Like Enzei when she was assigned to watch over Jagger she couldn't be anymore cautious about him especially considering it was humans that caused the Lake Trio and the Oracles to loosen the seal on the Distortion World with their science practices and since Jagger looks into such that only made earning her trust far more difficult for Jagger to gain. Thankfully she's calm enough be rational with the boy but she often still is an adviser to him.

Species: Cobalion
Gender: Male
Level: 100
Ability: Justified
Nature: Serious
Frequently Used Moves: Sacred Sword, Iron Head, Swords Dance, and Protect
Physical Characteristics and Appearance: Of the Swords of Justice, Cobalt is probably the only one who prefers to stay in uniform often and the color scheme of his musketeer outfit is similar to his own body being a mix of cyan, steel grey and black for the main outfit with a cyan hat and yellow feathers pinned in it.

Bio: The Calm and Composed Leader of the Swords of Justice known for his Heart and Body of Steel and protector of Pokemon, Cobalt takes the title of a Leader very seriously often times letting this mentality stick with him in a fight to protect those that need protecting. Though despite this he still has a gentle side as he being a leader doesn't always mean power is everything he needs more than just that as Cobalt often has his faults but even he knows to overcome them. When concerning the time he heard of being partnered with Jagger well he was both cautious but also the most negative about the decision when Shiranami had suggested he be the one to watch over him after the last council meeting when John was introduced to the Councils. Despite the negative start to their partnership Cobalt eventually grew used to Jagger despite his outlook on humanity especially since he still has the memories of events of the past when he dealt with how humans were back then. However he is rather strict with Jagger especially on days where he recommends the boy to train in his skills with the weapons he uses as he often lacks doing so which Cobalt thinks is a path to failure though at times his training can be a bit much for Jagger to handle often needing to patch himself up after the training.

Species: Porygon-Z
Gender: Female
Level: 40
Ability: Adaptability
Nature: Naughty
Frequently Used Moves: Tri-Attack, Protect, Thunderbolt, and Zap Cannon.
Physical Characteristics and Appearance: Due to her rather strange body structure she doesn't have a concrete appearance at all unless in Were-Amour Form which only gives her a female body of varying proportions. Same with clothing as well.

Bio: Among the pokemon Jagger has the one who could be considered the strangest of his Pokemon is his Porygon-Z Seri or as Jagger calls her, "Internet Girl." The reasoning for her name is well due to the nature of the Porygon species being born as computer programs turned into the form of a Pokemon. Seri of course went through the evolution process and well due to said process her personality is that of well...completely random although she's rather NSFW often mainly due to how her main body had downloaded a lot of rather...lewd pics into her digital memory to grant her a physical body for her were-amour form which is very questionable (Also random in proportions as well.) hell even with her regular appearance she's rather spastic as well personality wise due to how the Porygon-Z species are known for spaz-esque movement. Although she's often kept within a personal computer she uses mainly to just do whatever the hell she wants which was also where she spends most of her time on the internet. Though it's often given a lot of maintenance due to how often she downloads a lot of naughty stuff. Though Jagger often doesn't bother her often mainly due to her rather off the wall personality she's rather hard to deal with.


John Plata
United States
Favourite genre of music: Video Game Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Manga, Anime, and Anthro
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog, Silver The Hedgehog, and Blaze The Cat
Favorite Hobby: RPing, Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Dueling and Playing Video Games.
To those who have seen me talk about this on Discord it's best to ignore this cause I've stated this before and it's best to ignore me if you've already heard my issues before and this isn't a review nor do I plan on writing one out in the future especially since I still need to beat Twilight Princess...

Okay I may not own Breath of the Wild yet but it's still on my wish list of games to get at some point but I think I've seen enough to give my thoughts on it as much as I know Breath of the Wild has been a phenominal game lately even winning this year's Game of the Year Award I still have issues with the game from a plot perspective granted the gameplay is fine and what you have to do during it is fine it's just the stuff around the gameplay that irks me being the story. With the recent release of the Champions' Ballad DLC it granted more characterization for the 4 Champions Mipha, Revali, Daruk and Urbosa whom while before the release of this DLC all we ever got from them is their personalities from the memory cutscenes of them as well as the powers they grant you through gameplay however this is where my main complaint about Breath of the Wild stems from. The story around these characters or lack there of. Mainly due to Zelda now while I will admit people are indifferent towards this incarnation of Zelda I'm personally one of those who like the direction they did with her especially with her development throughout all of the memory cutscenes you find throughout the game but from a story perspective it really felt like Zelda was the main character and whenever Link was in those cutscenes he felt similar to Super Mario 64's Lakitu Camera Man. Not helping this was the recent Champion's Ballad DLC which not only gives more characterization for the Champions but also hammers that Zelda could've been the playable hero this time instead of Link especially since Spoilers Link dies in one of the memory cutscenes. 

Despite all I've said about the story being negative the positives still show in the story from the characters involved and that mainly stems from the Champions themselves and after watching these two videos I felt like they were the only characters given a lot of care towards alongside Zelda with Link...Just being there for the sake of status quo even though there have been Zelda games without Zelda herself being the main focus or driving point of the plot *Cough*Link's Awakening, Oracle Games, Majora's Mask, and Tri Force Heroes *Cough* Oh well here's hoping the next Zelda game has some promise with it's plot cause I still find Skyward Sword to have the much better plot and to the haters of said game screw off it's my opinion and you have yours so don't force the opinion on me:


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