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John Plata
United States
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Okay with the leak showing that Krystal and Wolf aren't on the roster while Wolf is DLC I still wish certain characters get in through methods other than development. I'm making a character wish list if they were DLC. To those who think it's impossible go watch this vid and it'll explain things better about the DLC Topic than me: 
Now onto the characters I want to see other than those shown in recent Leak that shows the roster and the current 5 DLC cast.
Krystal. Do I really need to explain anymore about Krystal since at this point she's been requested the roster of Smash 4 has been getting a significant increase in females as of late so is it really relevant for me to repeat what's already been stated about Krystal?
Shantae. Okay now this character is the most obscure since hell she's a character who's getting a new game on the 3DS eShop soon so why not add her for both promotional purposes and to give some recognition to a female protagonist. Though her inclusion might lead to some censoring due to her outfit since most of her magic is done by Belly Dancing.
Silver the Hedgehog. While Shadow is an Assist Trophy I feel like Silver is the next best hit for the Sonic Series if they were to get another SEGA character in the game. Sure Silver's first game is among the most controversially hated game in existance in the Sonic Series, which I still think it gets too much fucking hate. He would have some unique moves although it would make him similar to Mewtwo though Silver can be a bit of a technical character due to his Psychokinesis. He could lift rocks from the ground below him and use them for his specials as his move could be based on his moveset in Sonic 06.
Shovel Knight. Okay now I'm really pushing it for this entry. Shovel Knight would be an interesting character however I feel like he's also the hardest to work with since 1, his game recently came out a few months ago so I'm doubting the chances. 2, his moves would be well I'm not sure since his main weapon is a freaking shovel though the relics he has in the game he's from could be his other moves. While obscure I think he would be an interesting addition like Shantae.
At the moment this are the only 4 I could come up with. Though I'll update this from time to time if I think of anymore DLC wishes.

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