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Deina's Trainer Card
Okay this should be the last of the OCs I have being Kaiya's darker half Deina now she was a late addition when I was thinking of her for my Mobian Lore for my OCs but for the Pokemon lore. Deina here was a last minute creation and the last of the Cipher Human Clone Experiments to have been finalized and made however she was made at the same time at least in the development phase when Draden, Drei, Drake and her weren't even given their artificial bodies yet. Compared to the Shadow Inferno Trio, Deina has much less restriction when concerning her power over the Shadow Pokemon Abilities she was given though her versions of the attacks are unstable as in the results of them even she doesn't know what will happen to those unlucky to be hurt by her Shadow Powers. She namely sticks to Shadow Ice being her main Shadow Technique namely used for her sadistic nature as compared to Kaiya's personality Deina is sadistic dominatrix often just loving to see her enemies squirm with what little pride she can shatter out of them. Her relationship with her "Brothers" the Shadow Inferno Trio she works with them though she doesn't have much to say concerning them in fact you could consider them a family of sorts by how they work together but in terms of their personal life outside of work they are rather seperate often times just spending time alone with either their Pokemon or just in deep thoughts.

Deina's Team:

Ulric Midnight Lycanroc: Ulric is a rather unique case of his species Midnight form in terms of personality often known to be edgy he prefers to just show off the power of what his kind are known for. His moveset reflects on his mentality of showing power however it mostly relies on his Taunt and Counter Combo depending on what his opponent specializes in. Deina sees him as a loyal wolf to her team although she does often worry about how he handles his own battle strategies granted Ulric has proven he can get out of a tight situation.
Ulric's Moveset: Stone Edge, Taunt, Counter and Crush Claw

Mademoiselle Delcatty: Mademoiselle is quite honestly the only Pokemon Deina has that prefers avoiding battle and it relfects in her moveset of choice though she's often the most seductive of Deina's trio if it wasn't for Deina's Ariados, Sodaira. Though compared to Sodaira whom takes a more sadistic approach in seductive charm Mademoiselle literally uses her feminine charms against her opponents should a fight ever be done.
Mademoiselle's Moveset: Captivate, Iron Tail, Water Pulse and Charm

Sodaira (Shiny) Ariados: Sodaira can pretty much be Deina's personal Pokemon as in she is just as sadistically seductive as Deina herself can be if not more so. Her moveset revolves around a relentless fighting style just to get her opponents on the ground for her to stomp their pride down into the depths of the Earth. She has no care for anyone else in her life only staying Loyal to Deina due to how she was the first Pokemon Deina had when Sodaira was just a young Spinarak during Deina's early days as a Cipher Human Clone before the project was plugged after Draden, Drei and Drake escaped with Deina being left alone with Sodaira.
Sodaira's Moveset: X-Scissor, Cross Poison, Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance
Drake's Trainer Card
Known as the Phantom of the Shadow Inferno Trio as well as the youngest, Drake is a rather silent and often shadowy individual and his duo of Ghost Types being his Banette, Barionette and his Dusknoir, Macabre as well as a hidden gun of sorts being the only Ultra Beast the Shadow Inferno Trio have being UB-04 Blaster otherwise known as Celesteela. Comparing Drake to whom he was based on being Jake the difference is quite literally night and day between the two. Heck Drake is the only one of his siblings to use his Shadow Pokemon given Powers to make a Shadow Blade of sorts which is a black bladed katana.

Drake's Team:

Barionette Banette: Barionette is a rather strange case for a Ghost Type she's a rather scary female Pokemon for a Ghost Type often times a very soft spoken doll though most of what she lets out are rather grim words. Her relationship with Drake is rather shaky as she doesn't trust him much but her boyfriend being Macabre Dusknoir trusting him she reluctantly trusts him as well just because of Macabre. She also has a Banettite allowing her to Mega Evolve where she lets out her more murderous side which is also something she has yet to control often times hurting not only Drake but also Macabre so she is often reluctant in trying to use it and is currently under training to control it.
Barionette's Moveset: Phantom Force, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch and Double Edge

Macabre Dusknoir: Macabre or Macabre Grim for his full name for those curious Macabre is the reaper of Drake's team often prefering to be the one ending lives of those he wishes to harm for Drake's line of work. Him and Drake only work together due to Drake having saved him and Barionette and while being unable to Mega Evolve he still supports his girlfriend Barionette despite her questioning of working with Drake. Though his approach to combat is rather simple mostly utilizing several Punch moves.
Macabre's Moveset: Shadow Punch, Fire Punch, Sucker Punch and Focus Punch

Tsukuyomi Celesteela: Tsukuyomi is a rather silent Pokemon in fact she's very soft spoken if not the most soft spoken Pokemon of Drake's trio of Pokemon similar to Draden's Greninja Mizu but compared to Mizu Tsukuyomi still speaks but she's often not one to speak to anyone else but Drake and only Drake only reason why she only speaks to Drake is that he's the only one who she feels comfortable with speaking to of the Shadow Inferno Trio. In terms of battle properties she's a long range fighter as well as an Aerial Fighter due to her Steel Flying Typing.
Tsukuyomi's Moveset: Flash Cannon, Air Slash, Energy Ball, and Fire Blast
Drei's Trainer Card
Of the trio of the Cipher Clone Trio unsubtly called the Shadow Inferno Trio, Drei is the more tactical of the 3 and often the smartest due to being based on Jagger during his creation as one of the human clones. However compared to Jagger, Drei is much less restrained and much more how should I say demented in terms of how he handles his job from whomever hired him for a job whether it involve destroying Cipher or just causing a mess and seeing how it'll play on both sides of the morality system that is life in the world of Pokemon. His Team is namely made of a fossil and 2 Bug Types one of which being a tactical queen.

Drei's Pokemon:

Ravage Rampardos: Ravage is probably the only destructive member of Drei's Pokemon trio he's often the only one Drei uses whenever he just wishes to screw around with whatever he could whenever he wants. Ravage also doesn't have any self control often rampaging around wherever he wants whenever he wants Drei lets him do what he wishes and while Ravage only is loyal to Drei his rampages can often hurt Drei even though Drei uses his powers over Shadow Pokemon Moves to prevent such from harm from befalling him.
Ravage's Moveset: Stone Edge, Head Smash, Zen Headbutt, and Earthquake

Elizabeth (Shiny) Vespiquen: Elizabeth is a rather sadistic individual out of Drei's trio of Pokemon and often times shares Drei's sadistically destructive nature though Elizabeth was named after a mass murderer within Kalos History whom bathed in the blood of her female virgin victims. (Yes she is based on Elizabeth Bathory. Look her up.) However she is somewhat infatuated with Drei but she rarely shows it in fact she's a bit of a yandere to him and a tsundere to everyone around her especially to Ravage due to him being the complete opposite of her.
Elizabeth's Moveset: Attack Order, X-Scissor, Air Slash, and Ominous Wind

Tonbo (Shiny) Yanmega: Tonbo is a rather hyper Pokemon but that's mostly due to him being rather hyperactive and known to be a bit of a chatterbox to Drei's trio of Pokemon however that doesn't mean he isn't always annoying in fact his chatterbox way is good due to one of his moves being Bug Buzz and added with how fast his wings buzz in making sound alongside his chatterbox of a voice you may go deaf from just listening to him though that's mostly dependant on Drei's orders whom Tonbo often follows though whenever Tonbo is serious he shuts up and begins speaking in a much deeper voice tone sounding much more menacing.
Tonbo's Moveset: Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Air Cutter and Shadow Ball
Draden's Trainer Card
Okay now I was planning on making anti hero characters whom were originally enemies of Jaden, Jagger and Jake in my mobian lore for them but in the Pokemon World I decided to make them former Cipher Human Clone Soldiers who can pretty much conjure the power of Shadow Pokemon moves such as Shadow Wave, Rush, Rain and several other Shadow Pokemon moves. However these clone soldiers were considered failures due to them not being made loyal to the Cipher Team however their choices are their own so their morality lies with whomever they wish to work with. So they are basically mercenaries but only work for whomever they find worthy to keep up their end of the bargin should the bargin not be held up traces of the one whom hired Draden, Drei and/or Drake will be left.

Draden here is the eldest of the Cipher Human Clone Trio and considers the other 2 clones made from said Cipher Project being Drei and Drake his biological brothers due to the times they were made. He was made to be an cloned soldier of Jaden while compared to his who he was based on Draden can pretty much be consider the silent but deadly type of Pokemon Trainer in terms of his personality you could consider him an edgelord of sorts but whenever he's considered to be such he simply ignores whomever calls him such simply by just turning his back and walking away without another word. However the trio of Pokemon he has at his side were the Pokemon he stole from Cipher before they were transformed into Shadow Pokemon however they all have contracted the Cipher Amour Gene so like many of the Pokemon Cipher's Gene has infected whether they know it or not are Were-Amours.

Draden's Team:

Paigon Pangoro: Paigon being the last of the trio of Pokemon Draden had stolen from Cipher if there was one word to describe Paigon it would be cocky. Paigon is a bit of a show off and is often a bit intolerant to Draden however Draden himself doesn't care about Paigon's recklessness as often times Paigon can handle himself well without needing orders often using his move Taunt to just tempt his opponents into his trap. He's often considered the Reckless Juggernaut of Draden's trio.
Paigon's Moveset: Hammer Arm, Crunch, Taunt, and Thunder Punch

Mizusawa (Shiny) Geninja: The silent yet deadly ninja, as well as the first of the Pokemon Draden had stolen from Cipher's grasp, of Draden's trio of Pokemon Mizusawa or Mizu as she could be nicknamed for short is a rather cold hearted woman yet she's loyal only to Draden and no one else as she rarely if ever interracts with Paigon or Yamiryu due to her rather soft spoken nature in fact her only interractions with anyone are with Draden or his siblings and quite literally no one else as she gives them all the cold shoulder or should one piss her off freeze said individual in a single Ice Punch.
Mizusawa's Moveset: Water Shuriken, Night Slash, Substitute, and Ice Punch

Yamiryu Hydreigon: Yamiryu is the long distance fighter, whom was the second Pokemon Draden stole from Cipher, of the trio Draden has as most of his moves center around firing from a long distance. In terms of personality well Yamiryu doesn't really talk much at all though unlike Mizusawa he speaks a bit more than she does though he's a rather blunt individual often times speaking without giving much of a thought to what he says to anyone. Often times if it isn't anyone that could possibly annoy Mizusawa he's often the one being frozen by her due to his rather blunt way of speaking.
Yamiryu's Moveset: Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, and Focus Blast


John Plata
United States
Favourite genre of music: Video Game Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Manga, Anime, and Anthro
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog, Silver The Hedgehog, and Blaze The Cat
Favorite Hobby: RPing, Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Dueling and Playing Video Games.

So we finally have the third Sonic Forces Gameplay style revealed and it's an OC creator. I know DA Sonic community will be having rave day over this but I'll say this now keep any fucking memes, jokes and other shit that makes this overbloated out of the comments. I've grown tired of seeing things blown out of proportion for the sake of a laugh it ain't funny at least to me everyone else I don't know. Anyway so from what I can tell so far we have 7 base animals to choose from thanks to GameXplain's recent video on this showing more screen shots (Right here:  ) and explains how each animal has a unique perk to them alongside them being a gadget using character which from the looks if it kinda feels like Tails should've been playable as well but eh...SEGA decided to go the Character Created Avatar route and I won't judge them for the decision on implimenting it but I will question why did they decide to impliment this sort of feature now of all times? Granted I like this idea as I have OCs of my own that I wish to create though I know that will earn me a lot of flak from people but personally I couldn't care if I get that. Everyone has their opinions and I prefer not to argue. This gives me alot of Xenoverse vibes which I feel is where the inspiration for this feature came from and I guess it kinda fits considering the name of the Game Sonic Forces. Still makes me wish to see more of Sonic's friends be involved in the game other than just comunications or at least see them appear more in cutscenes at the very least. Though getting to my earlier question why would Sega decide to acknowledge this now of all times when it could've been done in the past? Is it because they want to acknowledge the fanbase? Jump on the bandwagon of character creation systems? Honestly the timing of this just feels off to me but then again it's just me.

However my main concern about this feature is of course what will come from this I know that there are alot of bad parts to the Sonic Fanbase which is why I've stayed away from interacting with the community or rather any gaming community as of late. It feels like all the communities of game are now adays are either arguments, complains, straight up bashing the developers despite them not being able to please everyone, negativity towards others either for opinions or just wanting to get their creative minds out there like with OCs which has become somewhat of a sin to the internet community which I'll be completely honest I don't even want to bother speaking on how judgemental people can be on the internet.

However with this addition do I think this is the lowest point for the Sonic series? No as there are few games that relish in character creation systems. MMOs, the Xenoverse games, Fire Emblem at least concerning New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow, Awakening and Fates that have character creation systems, FF14 and SEGA's own Phantasy Star Online Series.
The point I'm trying to make here is that alot of people need to stop overbloating things here and try and see it from a normal person's perspective. I'm not as huge of a fan of games to be involved with fanbases as I used to be when I was just a stupid kid just wanting to hop on bandwagons. I'm just guy who wants to play video games for fun and that's all that matters to me how much fun I can have with a game. What happens around said games or franchises? Doesn't concern me at all even if it's pointed towards me. All I care about is what comes from it all.


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