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Okay now that I've seen the first two episodes of Sonic Boom on Cartoon Network. Time for my thoughts on the two episodes.
Episode 1 Sidekick.
Okay this first episode wasn't a very good one to begin the series with sure it's the first episode and Sticks wasn't even in it at all only Knuckles and Amy and a few other lackluster characters. The episode begins with Sonic and Tails battling Eggman as per usual as it begins in the same way it was first shown in the first cartoon trailer though we finally get to see what happened to Tails and well Sonic gets a little nervous about keeping his best pal safe so he fires him from being his sidekick and tries to hire a new one to replace him. Not only is it a bit of a bad news thing to Tails after he wakes up. I don't really like that idea. Hell I wonder why Amy and Knuckles tried to be Sonic's sidekick though I do find it funny at how Knuckles and Amy's auditions went. Though I think Eggman stole the comedy in that episode, but all in all it's a below average episode and not one I'll ever want to watch more than twice. However....
Episode 2 Can an Evil Genious Crash on you Couch for a Few Days?
Okay the title of the episode just made me laugh because that's all it's focused around. However it begins with Eggman coming to Sonic and Tails' house and asks them if he could stay there while his lair is being repaired due to being destroyed in the storm that was going on during that night. Sonic lets him stay even after Eggman said he wouldn't destroy him and hell he even asked Sonic to check his pants to prove he didn't have any weapons where Sonic just holds his hand out and says no to doing that. After that the rest of the gang being Knuckles, Sticks and Amy come in and see Eggman and wonder what's going on and well Sonic tells them about what happened and how he'll be staying with them for a few days. Although Eggman gets a bit too comfy with his staying and Sticks just spells out what happens in the later part of the episode in a funny way of foreshadowing it and after the whole montage of Eggman trying to tire both Sonic and Tails out of not even sleeping for a whole day the plan comes into play after Knuckles, Amy and Sticks enter the house again. Though after 2 days of Eggman staying in the home he finally reveals his evil plot and his new Obliterator Bot comes in, but not before it nearly crushes Eggman with a tree it stomps under where Eggman just sidestepped out of the way before being crushed. Though unfortunately his new robot took his orders wrong and instead tries to destroy Eggman's Island Fortress in which the group have to work with Eggman in stopping it from doing so and after a couple action sequences and where Sticks tries telling the bot that she can't be obliterated in an entertainingly funny gag that ended with her saying, "You can't kill me." Just had me laughing from there. After that the bot is shut down and Eggman gets his just deserts since Amy is made his roomate while is fortress is being repaired again due to his own robot. In terms of Episode 2 this is a much better episode than Sidekick since it's more comedic feels more like a Sonic Boom episode and all in all it just focused on the main cast which is what the first episode didn't do well in.
So the first episode isn't great, but flaws are apparent in the episode.
However the second episode is a great one especially if you want to see how funny and great the show will be if only Cartoon Network didn't put the show on so early at 7 in the morning and it's rerun is at 6 what the fuck Cartoon Network? Augh oh well. I hope this show does great.

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