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John Plata
United States
Favourite genre of music: Video Game Soundtracks
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Though I have one problem. Vector is being a total asshole right now which is making me hate him more than I usually did. Especially in the latest episode and the fact in the next episode where Rio aka Merag is defeated and her power is absorbed into Barian World just like Durbe who was defeated in the episode I'm posting a link too right here.

Here's the link to the episode that's the newest one so far:…

Several reasons I hate Vector is...
1. He fooled Yuma into being his friend for the entirety of Season 4 which was the first season of Zexal 2 the series' second arc.
2. After absorbing Don Thousand into him and having him be a spirit guide somewhat like Astral it made even more of an asshole than ever.
3. He's a manipulative and insane fool who I'm hoping gets his punishment later near the end of the series.
4. During the Duel against Durbe and Merag he tormented the both of them mostly Merag and Durbe ended up sacraficing himself nobly to protect Merag and have her finish the job only to some how survive in the next episode to end her and win the duel. Note this reason was what I came up with from the preview of the next episode.
5. He kills off my favorite character out of the females in Zexal and the fact in the english dub she's voice by Akiza's voice actor makes me like Rio more and hurts me more with the fact she's "Dying" in Season 6.
And that's all I'll say since I'm just ranting right now.

Although my current thoughts on Zexal 2 so far. It's a pretty dark Season now. The first 2 episodes have several Characters "Killed off" By the Barian Duelists except Vector since he just was being a lazy ass while his fellow Barians fought the Duelists and Nashe dueled Quatro or IV in Japan.

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